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Western Algo Operates throughout three functional Divisions that are separated via work responsibilities and scopes of knowledge. Each Division prides itself on putting education first in foremost in improving the student experience through hands-on educations and projects.  

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The Four Divisions

Western Algo functions through four specialized divisions, each dedicated to a spectrum of initiatives within the realm of algorithmic trading and quantitative finance.


Short for Signals and Technicals, this division focuses on using direct market data to explore implications and discover trends within the market. Using technical analysis, paper trading will be conducted with a focus on short-term trading. Previous projects include options pricing and convertible bonds arbitrage.


Alternative Data

Similar to SigTech, this division also has a heavy emphasis on technical analysis and programming however using alternative sources of data. Alternative data would include text-based data available from media sources and social platforms and satellite imagery. Previous projects include CNBC sentiment analysis and satellite imagery-based parking model to forecast productivity.



The Equity Research team relies on using traditional finance valuation methodologies to value and assign entry prices on various companies. Groups will be created and further educated on the three valuation methodologies with an aim to have a complete equity research report finished by the end of the semester. Previous reports include the May 2023 Intel report.



The publications team focuses on translating insights and finding from the Publications and SigTech team into a format that is public-facing. The team will publish research on a regular basis across different platforms. The team is also responsible for diving deep into macro-economic and financial news to provide value-adding discourse to Western Algo members and the broader Western community.




Kenan Granulo

Divisional Heads

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